Frequently Asked Questions?

Do i require any prescription?
No. Being herbal pills there is not any requirement for any kind of prescriptions or embarrassed to doctors.

Are the pills ever experimented?
We perform regular experiments to increase the advantages of the pills. Recently we performed experiments on some men in highlight of many medical practitioners. We found that in 95% of cases the sexual problem was completely solved while 83% of them also found an increase in size of their pennis. The pills helps your brain part to work normally which is responsible for you to cum.In most cases it was found that the changes starts to occur within the first week. You will find a control over ejaculation in the very first week. The tenure for this course is for 3 months and you can stop the course of pills after that. In rare cases it is found that we need to further increase the course for 3 months.

What about the dose?
The usual dose is to take 2 pills per day. Take the pills with water. Each bottle contains 60 pills and its for a month. Please make sure that you are very much strict with the pills in order to see better results.Do not miss the dose for any day. In case if you miss the dose then take it as soon as you remember. But if its time for your next dose then skip the first one and then continue with the schedule. Do not try to double-up in order to catch up.

What do the pills contains?
The pills are made from all the natural ingredients and is away from any chemical products.

Do i need to take these pills forever?
No. If you are strict to your pills then a course of 3-6 months is sufficient to cure all sexual problems. It have been reported that in 99% of cases the problem gets completely over after taking 3 months dose.In some cases we need to extend the dose for further 3 months.Do not try to skip the dose day or the other as it will not show you up the best results.

Is there any kind of side effects from these pills?
Staminax are made from herbal extracts and they are very much safer to use. It have been throughly experimented and there were no side effects. They are non-hormonal and non-habit forming. You can take the pills anytime you want as there are no restrictions. In case you are a heart patient then you must consult your doctor first.

How can i place the order and what about the shipment?
Staminax can be ordered online by paying through any major credit cards. As soon as the order is approved we send the pills. The pills are normally sent within 24 hours of placing the order. We use Airmail to send the products and it normally takes 5-10 days for pills to reach at your doorsteps. In case you have not delivered the pills within 10 days then you can contact us.

Are packet shipped discreetly?
We send the pills by packing them into a box with nothing written on the top of it. We write health food over the packet in order to clear them easily through custom department.

What name will show up on my credit card statement?
We deal with various banks around the globe. So once your credit card is billed you will get an email as well for the confirmation.

What if i am not satisfied with the results?
Staminax are made from herbs and we have recorded 100% satisfaction from our customers. We have manufactured the pills keeping you and your partner safety in mind. We started our business in 1999 and have not found any unsatisfied customers. There are no usage of any harmful and dangerous drugs to manufacture the pills. In case if you find any problem or you are completely unsatisfied with the pills the we provide a 60 days money back guarantee to our customers.We cheerfully offer a full money back guarantee to our customers even if they sent back one empty bottle. You will provided with the refund for the pills and not for shipment. You must send back the bottle(s) to us through shipment to get refund. You can know more about our return instructions by contacting us.



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